Cyber Crime : Revenge Porn

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Hi Guys,back to the blog.. Comes to the next post. Have you guys ever heard about a REVENGE PORN? seriously this kind of bully not just a NORMAL BULLY, Its a CRIME. Besides the authorities, there’s some organization that would help too.
Those ppl who does it seriously will face serious damages.

In Singapore, there’s a law for this case :

Distribution of Photos: Chargeable under Section 292 of Penal Code (usually hit with this), or under the Undesirable Publications Act.
Distribution of Films: Chargeable under Sections 29 & 30 of the Films Act.
If a minor is involved: Chargeable under Chapter 38 of the Children & Young Persons Act.
(Google it then you will know what’s inside those chapters)

Personal video or photo was took, made or created for personal needs and archive, so when someone post and distributes it? Yeah, penalty and jail are awaiting.

Here’s one of the story that I’ve found as from a friend(She’s a lawyer and the one who makes me understand lots of law about harassment,bully,Cybercrime)

A month ago, an ex did one of the scummiest things possible: posted nude photos that I had taken of myself for him on the internet. They weren’t just photos of me, either. The site had myself full name and hometown, and was the first result when I googled my name. When I discovered this, I panicked and cried for hours, then after a lot of convincing from my friends, I went to the police.
I was (and still continue to be) surprised at how supportive, helpful, and non-judgmental the officers and detectives are. They listened to the entire story and helped me figure out what to do. Not once did I feel patronized or judged, even though I had to show multiple officers the multiple nude photos I had taken of myself for my ex and tell them every little detail of our relationship.
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