Harvin’s Declaration

My name is Harvin and here is to clarify a recent incident happened to me.

I had a friend, Mr. Ng KXX LXXX, after ending the friendship. He has done the following online:

1. Created blogs, impersonation social media account in my names, contains my personal particulars, false statement and made-up stories like http://www.deriqchris.wordpress.com and http://www.experienceproject.com/ with Username: deriqchris

1.1. Send harassment/threatening message via Email and fake social media.

Such activities has been reported to the police, investigation officer has classified the activity as intentional of harassment.

2. Months later, he repeated similar activities, 2nd police report lodged, according to the police officer, depending on the content, the cyber bully can be cyber crime as well as defamation.

3. All his past/current/future posts/accounts are properly documented, recorded, screenshotted, printed, as for solid evidences for further proceedings, it’s been vetted by police and lawyers for advice and possible actions. Evidence collection is on-going.

I also wish to thank my friends who contributed in reporting his spreading’s. Please do the same if you see someone pretending to be me sending you SMS, kindly screen shot and inform me.

I also thank my family members, relatives and teachers for their kindly support and understanding.
I have no intention to blame him, however it’s such a disappointment to see such immature behaviors from a fully grown up adult.



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